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All Saints Anglican Church  August 13, 2023

Outreach Community Giving Basket, we are now collecting items for the students at Ếcole Mission Central Elementary School. Needed items suggested: Duo Tangs (pocket), safety scissors, pocket folders, coloured pencils/markers, glue sticks, metric rulers, white school glue, notebooks lined with key tabs, good quality pencils, large 1” binders, erasers, paper (lined & unlined), pencil cases, lunch bags, backpacks, pens (blue or red), Kleenex, jumbo Ziplock bags.Indigenous Scholarships, we are still accepting donations for the scholarships that All Saints give to three graduating Indigenous students, envelopes on Narthex table.

 TREASURES, COLLECTIBLES, & ANTIQUES SALE(a new version of a Garage Sale for 2023)Friday, August 25th, 6:00 to 8:00 pm ~ Saturday, August 26th, 9:00 am to 3:00 pmVendors may rent a table, and be responsible for their own set-up and take-down.Table fee $25.00, or if power required, $30.00 (no refunds)Advance registration is required; forms will be available until July 21stAnyone can register to participate; tell your family, friends & neighbours.Admission to the event will be by a “minimum” donation of $2.00For more information: or We need volunteers for this event; at the DOOR to take Money; in the CONCESSION to cook hot dogs, coffee, tea, drinks etc.; and a person to act as a FLOATER, assisting a person who needs to leave their table for a short time. Please speak to Joy or Margaret Cox/Peake or Polly Betterton. 

WALK-RUN-BIKE-ATHONThis is our 10th Annual event and continues to be a great fundraiser as well as a fun day for all of us.  Once again, we will use the clubhouse at Heritage Park Place just above Heritage Park off 7th Avenue.  We will start the morning with a church service in the clubhouse at 10 a.m., followed by the Walk-Run-Bike-athon through the park, (maps are available with clubhouse highlighted), and then return to the clubhouse for lunch.  Date: Sunday, September 10th  - 10:00 a.m.Place: Heritage Park Place Clubhouse, 33751 Seventh Avenue (east end of 7th Ave.) cont.All the food will be provided and paid for by the organizers.  No costs for the event will be deducted from your pledge.  Our chefs will be manning the barbecue to cook the Hamburgers and Hot Dogs and everything will be set up while you are out enjoying the beautiful outdoors after the service. If you take a pledge sheet, please fill in all the information of your donors for the Envelope Secretary or if you do not wish to have a pledge sheet but would like to just make a donation, please put the money in an envelope with your name, address, and Envelope number on it.  Please do not put the money in the collection plate.  All monies (and pledge sheets) are to be handed in to Judy Beale either before or at the event.  All funds raised go directly to All Saints Church.   If you are unsure where the clubhouse is or have any other questions or concerns, please speak to Judy Beale. 


To that end we are now collecting canning jars for it. We are accepting 1-liter wide mouth canning jars. And for those of you who are pasta lovers and use the Classico brand pasta sauce or other that come in a 650 ml Atlas/ Mason standard mouth canning jar, we are collecting those as well, with the lid please if possible.Mark the following dates on your calendar as all help is appreciated.Tuesday October 17th 2023, 1 pm – Apple peeling MixingTuesday October 24th 2023, 1 pm- Bottling MincemeatPrices this year will be –$15 – 1 liter; $10 – 650 ml; $8 – 500 mlLooking forward to hearing from you all.        Mary McIntyre (604-820-0400) 

All Saints Office Volunteers are asking if anyone is able to help cover for two hours a week when regular volunteers are unavailable. 

Stewardship Moment - Matthew 14:22-33

Does your life ever feel like it’s being pounded and tossed around? Do you feel like you’re sinking, with no way of being rescued? Sometimes, it does get that bad, doesn’t it? The faithful steward knows not only when to ask for help but, more importantly, who to ask.   

 To submit copy, email Atten: Sandy, by the deadline of Tuesday of each week. .