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We will be discussing a provisional Design for our new Worship space and Hall.  To this end, we will use the Saturday mornings in Lent to have a series of Workshops.  The proposed schedule is:

Saturday February 24, 10am - 12 noon:  Design of Worship Space and Hall

                March 2                   “               Before, during, and after construction Budget

                March 9                   “               What do we want to take with us?

                March 16                 “               Worship and Storage during Construction

                March 23                 “                Plan to maintain Outreach and Inreach

Please plan to attend all the Workshops.  This is important work for the Parish and we need to gather as many voices and ideas as we can get.  And, just to be clear, the results of the Workshops are PROVISIONAL – they are a start at developing our Ministry Plan.  As we move forward we may need to adjust and change our pl