Donna Kennedy
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Dear Friends:

By now I hope that you have received the Archbishops Communique #6 in which she bans all weekday activities and Worship Services in the Diocese until May 3. 

To some this may seem an excessive timeline, but we are assured by Public Medical Officials that it is necessary. 

The challenge for us now is to stay in touch while we are apart.  There are still things we can do to support one another as a church community:

Phone or email one another to check in; share pictures with one another; share funny stories and jokes.  We can all do this for one another, but the Parish Council is creating a phone tree so that every member receives at least one contact a week.

We are generating a “Shop for Others” list.  If you need shopping done or need a ride to go shopping please phone one of these volunteers:  Michael Knight (604 751-1763),  Jane Boutilier (604 302-3680), Elisa Wolff (604 786-4182), Ryan Bowie (604 289-2254), Stacie Blades (604 814-2873).  Thank you to these volunteers, and more may be added in days to come.

I will be posting a short Prayer Service on the website with the Sunday Readings and a Homily for each week.  There will also be Easter Services livestreamed from various churches.  More info. to follow.

Pray for each other, the Church, and the world – especially medical personel and government officials as they work to keep us healthy and safe.These measures are meant to help bring down the level of anxiety caused by COVID-19 and to keep us healthy and safe.  If you can think of anything else we can do, let me know. 

Blessings at this stressful time,

 Paul Bowie+