Donna Kennedy
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Dear Friends:  

I pray that you and your family are well.  Juliette, Ryan and myself are healthy.  Juliette is still at work at Tim Horton’s;  Ryan, being the University Science Major, is taking great delight in Fact Checking all the media and advertising claims he can get his hands on – unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there. 

 I have been on several ZOOM meetings this week, and the process is very easy to learn. This week we will meet for our Sunday Morning Service through ZOOM!

The Service will begin on ZOOM at 10am, Sunday March 29. It will be good to see each other face to face and hear our voices. You can keep the video off if you want and still hear it all.

  It is a simple process on your computer.  

1. Click Here: Join URL:

2. Follow the prompts to our zoom gathering. You can wait there until the meeting opens.

3. You will be on Mute when we start so that it is quiet. You will be invited to speak at certain times and will be unmuted.   If you have questions or thoughts please let me know.  

  Blessings,   Paul Bowie+